About Us

Happy Parents Home is a registered NGO, registered u/s Society Registration Act 1860 in the year 2018. It is founded with the sole objective to care old aged, those who are dependent on nursing care or left alone in their houses.

Senior citizens, after having lived an active life in their prime years, need personalized care and dignity in their sunset years. When they get affected by age-related disorders, they need constant supervision while also getting opportunities to be engaged in social life and not feeling isolated. Keeping this in mind, Happy Parents Home is equipped to take holistic care that encompasses love, empathy and sharing in communal settings for both physically / mentally challenged and lonely seniors.

Happy Parents Home is managed by a competent leader Mrs. Indira Talukdar, who has 15 years of experience working for the elderly. The Home has grown to be a trusted name in the city for providing 24-hour shelter for elders, abandoned, or have suffered strokes, are comatose, suffering from dementia or any other age-related debilitating illness that has significantly reduced their abilities to sustain a dignified living on their own.


Happy Parents Home was founded with the sole objective of caring for the old and elderly, the disadvantaged, and the abandoned. We provide services to those unable to function without assisted care / nursing have been left alone in their houses or have a declining quality of life because of other circumstances related to aging.

Our Vision

Many believe that it is a moral obligation to look after our elders. We believe that this obligation is not only that of one person or family but of the society. As members of civil society, it is our duty to support our seniors, provide them with dignity in their golden years and offer them the highest-level of care possible.

Our Mission

To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life.